Create boxes and more with a laser cutter! is an Open Source box generator written in Python. It features both finished parametrized generators as well as a Python API for writing your own. It features finger and (flat) dovetail joints, flex cuts, holes and slots for screws, hinges, gears, pulleys and much more.



  • AngledBox - Box with both ends cornered
  • BasedBox - Fully closed box on a base
  • BayonetBox - Round box made from layers with twist on top
  • CardBox - Box for storage of playing cards
  • ClosedBox - Fully closed box
  • Console - Console with slanted panel
  • Console2 - Console with slanted panel and service hatches
  • DinRailBox - Box for DIN rail used in electrical junction boxes
  • DisplayCase - Fully closed box intended to be cut from transparent acrylics and to serve as a display case.
  • ElectronicsBox - Closed box with screw on top and mounting holes
  • EuroRackSkiff - 3U Height case with adjustable width and height and included rails
  • HingeBox - Box with lid attached by cabinet hinges
  • IntegratedHingeBox - Box with lid and integraded hinge
  • Keypad - Generator for keypads with mechanical switches.
  • NotesHolder - Box for holding a stack of paper, coasters etc
  • OpenBox - Box with top and front open
  • Rack10Box - Closed box with screw on top for mounting in a 10" rack.
  • Rack19Box - Closed box with screw on top for mounting in a 19" rack.
  • Rack19HalfWidth - Half width 19inch rack unit for musical equipment.
  • RackBox - Closed box with screw on top and mounting holes
  • RegularBox - Box with regular polygon as base
  • SideDoorHousing - A box with service hatches at the sides
  • TwoPiece - A two piece box where top slips over the bottom half to form the enclosure.
  • UnevenHeightBox - Box with different height in each corner
  • UniversalBox - Box with various options for different styles and lids

Boxes with flex

  • FlexBox - Box with living hinge and round corners
  • FlexBox2 - Box with living hinge and top corners rounded
  • FlexBox3 - Box with living hinge
  • FlexBox4 - Box with living hinge and left corners rounded
  • FlexBox5 - Box with living hinge and round corners
  • HeartBox - Box in the form of an heart
  • RoundedBox - Box with vertical edges rounded
  • ShutterBox - Box with a rolling shutter made of flex
  • UBox - Box various options for different stypes and lids

Trays and Drawer Inserts

  • DividerTray - Divider tray - rows and dividers
  • TrayInsert - Tray insert without floor and outer walls - allows only continuous walls
  • TrayLayout - Generate a typetray from a layout file
  • TypeTray - Type tray - allows only continuous walls


  • BinTray - A Type tray variant to be used up right with sloped walls in front
  • DiscRack - A rack for storing disk-shaped objects vertically next to each other
  • DisplayShelf - Shelf with forward slanted floors
  • PaintStorage - Stackable paint storage
  • SBCMicroRack - Stackable rackable racks for SBC Pi-Style Computers
  • SpicesRack - Rack for cans of spices
  • StorageRack - StorageRack to store boxes and trays which have their own floor
  • StorageShelf - StorageShelf can be used to store Typetray
  • WineRack - Honey Comb Style Wine Rack


Hole patterns

  • FanHole - Hole pattern for mounting a fan
  • HexHoles - Hexagonal pattern of holes for ventilation
  • NemaPattern - Mounting holes for a Nema motor

Parts and Samples

  • BurnTest - Test different burn values
  • ConcaveKnob - Round knob serrated outside for better gripping
  • FlexTest - Piece for testing different flex settings
  • FlexTest2 - Piece for testing 2D flex settings
  • GearBox - Gearbox with multiple identical stages
  • Gears - Gears
  • LBeam - Simple L-Beam: two pieces joined with a right angle
  • LaserHoldfast - A holdfast for honey comb tables of laser cutters
  • NemaMount - Mounting braket for a Nema motor
  • Planetary - Planetary Gear with possibly multiple identical stages
  • Planetary2 - Balanced force Difference Planetary Gear
  • Pulley - Timing belt pulleys for different profiles
  • RectangularWall - Simple wall
  • RobotArm - Segments of servo powered robot arm
  • WaivyKnob - Round knob serraded outside for better gripping


  • AgricolaInsert - Agricola Revised Edition game box insert, including some expansions.
  • AllEdges - Showing all edge types
  • AngledCutJig - Jig for making angled cuts in a laser cutter
  • Arcade - Desktop Arcade Maschine
  • Atreus21 - Generator for a split atreus keyboard.
  • BottleStack - Stack bottles in a fridge
  • Display - Diplay for flyers or leaflets
  • DrillBox - Not yet parametrized box for drills from 1 to 12.5mm in 0.5mm steps, 3 holes each size
  • Folder - Book cover with flex for the spine
  • Hook - A hook wit a rectangular mouth to mount at the wall
  • LaserClamp - A clamp to hold down material to a knife table
  • MagazinFile - Open magazine file
  • MakitaPowerSupply - Bench power supply powered with Maktia 18V battery or laptop power supply
  • OttoBody - Otto LC - a laser cut chassis for Otto DIY - body
  • OttoLegs - Otto LC - a laser cut chassis for Otto DIY - legs
  • OttoSoles - Foam soles for the OttO bot
  • PoleHook - Hook for pole like things to be clamped to another pole
  • RoyalGame - The Royal Game of Ur
  • Stachel - Bass Recorder Endpin
  • TrafficLight - Traffic light
  • TriangleLamp - Triangle LED Lamp


  • Castle - Castle tower with two walls
  • OrganPipe - Rectangular organ pipe based on pipecalc
  • Rotary - Rotary Attachment for engraving cylindrical objects in a laser cutter
  • Silverware - Cuttlery stand with carrying grip using flex for rounded corners