Box for storage of playing cards

Settings for Finger Joints

style style of the fingers
surroundingspacesmaximum space at the start and end in multiple of normal spaces
edge_widthspace below holes of FingerHoleEdge
fingerwidth of the fingers
playextra space to allow finger move in and out
spacespace between fingers
widthwidth of finger holes

CardBox Settings

hinner height in mm
cardwidthWidth of the cards
cardheightHeight of the cards
numnumber of compartments

Default Settings

thicknessthickness of the material
format format of resulting file
tabswidth of tabs holding the parts in place in mm (not supported everywhere)
debug print surrounding boxes for some structures
labels label the parts (where available)
referenceprint reference rectangle with given length (zero to disable)
burnburn correction in mm (bigger values for tighter fit). Use BurnTest in "Parts and Samples" to find the right value.

Building instructions

Place inner walls on floor first (if any). Then add the outer walls. Glue the two walls without finger joins to the inside of the side walls. Make sure there is no squeeze out on top, as this is going to form the rail for the lid.

Add the top of the rails to the sides and the grip rail to the lid (still missing in the picture above):