Box made of paper, with lid.

PaperBox Settings

xinner width in mm
yinner depth in mm
hinner height in mm
lid_heigthHeight of the lid (part which goes inside the box)
lid_radiusAngle, in radius, of the round corner of the lid
lid_sidesWidth of the two sides upon which goes the lid
marginSpace between the two folded sides to glue
mark_lengthLength of the folding outside mark
tab_angle_radAngle (in radian) of the sides which are to be glued inside the box
finger_hole_diameterDiameter of the hole to help catch the lid

Default Settings

thicknessthickness of the material
format format of resulting file
tabswidth of tabs holding the parts in place in mm (not supported everywhere)
debug print surrounding boxes for some structures
labels label the parts (where available)
referenceprint reference rectangle with given length (zero to disable)
burnburn correction in mm (bigger values for tighter fit). Use BurnTest in "Parts and Samples" to find the right value.

This box is made of paper.
There is marks in the "outside leftover paper" to help see where to fold
(cutting with tabs helps use them).
The cut is very precise, and could be too tight if misaligned when glued.
A plywood box (such as a simple TypeTray) of the same size is a great guide
during folding and glueing. Just fold the box against it. Accurate quick and
A paper creaser (or bone folder) is also usefull.